by Leora Acoca Goldberg February 05, 2020

What is Micro-needling therapy? 

 This is a skin therapy done with a new needle device that can go as deep as 2.5 mm into the skin epidermis layers stimulating skin collagen, firmness, toning the face and neck while reducing dark spots and wrinkles. Using a micro dermal pen as part of your routine is an excellent way to beautify your skin. The device looks like a pen with miniature needles. When you combine it with hyaluronic acid and vitamin C serum it forms a powerful anti-aging effect producing healthy-looking skin. 

Micro-needling using step by step

Use sterile gloves or wash your hands and then apply some more alcohol. when applying the Micro-needling pen on your skin apply the vitamin C serum and or Hyaluronic acid and rub it in massaging the serum into the open pores. 

1. after using the facial cleanse select the appropriate cartilage (pin) and mount it on the Micro-needling pen.

Rotate the dial to adjust the length of the cartilage.

Select the speed. At first, go easy on yourself choose 0.25 mm gradually increase the length of the needles. 

2. Apply numbing cream if you are sensitive, it makes the treatment painless and allows you to spend more time stimulating your skin.

Treat the entire face neck and front of the chest, or you may choose to divide the treatment to areas. Your skin will gradually become red.

Apply your vitamin C serum or oil of choice. make sure it is natural. Hydrate your skin with only 100% pure ingredients also drink enough water to hydrate your body. 

3. Your skin will feel dry and very tight over the next few days while it is building new collagen - keep drinking water and fresh juices while hydrating your skin with Vitamin C or Hyaluronic acid. The CBD Hemp oil is also highly recommended, especially at night as it is soothing and relaxing perfect for good night sleep. 

4. Do not apply makeup for the next 12 hours  



a. strengthen skin to absorb beauty production, the absorbency of skin can be reached above 40 times, and improve acne scar more than 50%.
b.the skin will be luster and elasticity, differ from laser or chemical substances, it is noninvasive, can improve skin, and enhances absorption.
3. the micro-needles depth can be adjusted (0.25mm-2.5mm), greatly improving the treatment.
a. five different high-speed
b. easier to operate in small parts or radian
c. more quickly and efficient than manual MTS Micro-needle
d. adjustable length of micro-needles(0.25mm-2.5mm)
e. Because of high-speed vertical movement to reduce pain to a minimum, there is no cross-infection, using one-time disposable needles.



Needle number:2pcs x 12pin needle

Rechargeable Function With Two batteries,
Eight hours of working time.
Portable convenient transportation


a. Scar removal including acne scar removal or treatment.
b.  Acne Scar Treatment.c. Anti Wrinkle Treatment, Anti Aging.
d. Hair Loss Treatment or Hair Restoration.
e. Surgical Scar Removal.
f. Hyperpigmentation treatment

 How to Operate the Microneedling pen  

(1) Plug-in DC adaptor to the jack.
 (2) Plug-in DC adaptor to AC outlet.
 (1) Take out needle cartridge in the sterilized packing.
 (2) Fitting round slots 1 into 2of machine, push needles cartridge horizontally up to the end-  Lock the cartridge by turning it to the counterclockwise.
 (4) Adjustment needles length after you  turn on the device
 (5) If you want to remove the needle cartridge, turn it clockwise and push out horizontally, fitting round slots(slot 1,slot2)together.


Adjustment of speed and needle length

 (1) Adjustment of Speed and ON/OFF
 (2) 5-speed level control
 Pressing the switch 2 seconds to open the device,It starts from the lowest speed to the highest speed when you turn on the power firstly.
 The speed cycles low to high. Please press the switch 2 seconds when you need to stop the device.
 The flicker frequency of light faster, the speed is higher.
 (3) Adjustment of needles length
 You can adjust the length of the needle by turning the adjustment ring clockwise or counterclockwise.
 Turning it clockwise, the length of it will be longer.
 Turning it counterclockwise, the length of it will be shorter.


 How to choose your Hyaluronic acid product? 

  Most drugstore or department store brands contain between 0.5% to 2.5 % Hyaluronic acid  It is recommended to use products with at least 1% Hyaluronic acid for notable results. When the product comes together with vitamin C it enhances its anti-aging properties by far. Vitamin C has many of the same benefits,  much like the hyaluronic acid which protects from UVB rays,vitamin C potentially minimizes damage from free radicals due to exposure to the sun. It also assists in the regulation of collagen, minimizes the effect of aging signs such as drooping skin and wrinkles - this may explain the increasing trend for the non- invasive protocol combining micro-needling, Vitamin C, and Hyaluronic application in this one treatment.

 Why home therapy? 

Home therapy is easy, saves thousands of dollars, and helps you get as many as one weekly home treatment without having to pay the costly fee to your doctor. However, I still recommend visiting your dermatologist or Plastic surgeon for a deeper micro procedure especially if you suffer from acne scars or very deep lines.

  What exactly is the HA (Hyaluronic acid? 

Hyaluronic acid is a substance your body produces naturally. Its role is to keep the skin hydrated. As we get older, the skin doesn't preserve moisture well, resulting in a lack of plumpness, pliability, and firmness. Using HA with your Micro-needling device or as an injectable boosts water retention, which contributes to supple, younger-looking skin.  

 Benefits -  What makes HA so appealing to women?

  •  Improves skin texture bringing glow and radiancy to it.
  • Protects skin against sun exposure.

  • Attracts and retains moisture.

  • induce firmness by stimulating collagen production.

  • Banishes wrinkles, acne scars, and fine lines. improves dark circles under the eye bags 

  • Improves skin dryness when combined with Vitamin C

  • improves dull skin texture 


The micro-needling device has two parts- the head and the main body. the head contains the multi needles which penetrated through your skin layers. I highly recommend that if you choose to when visiting your doctor's office to make sure your medical practitioner is using a new sterile head that has never been used before. 

 It is recommended to do this home treatment once a week when using 0.5 needles, however, when you get to the stage of using 2-2.5 mm needles you should treat your skin once every four weeks  -to keep the skin fresh and youthful. 

Dr. Pen official website provides more information



Leora Acoca Goldberg
Leora Acoca Goldberg

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