The grapefruit seed extract is made from the pulp, seeds, and membranes. It’s long been used for Candida infection.

The extract is most often found as a liquid concentrate, and it is known to that suggests help treat different types of candida infections. When I started using the extract in my smoothie I have noticed that my bloating was gone and got a general sense of well being which I didn’t experience before. 

It’s possible that grapefruit seed extract may be more effective at treating certain kinds of candida infections than others.

Treating Trush 

Grapefruit seed extract for thrush, a candida infection that occurs in and around the mouth. Grapefruit seed extract’s anti-fungal and antimicrobial properties may be able to stop the growth of the yeast and actually reduce the infection.

To treat thrush with grapefruit seed extract, apply it to a Q-tip or cotton ball. Then, apply it directly to the affected area. Leave it to dry. You can do this twice daily. 

As an alternative treatment, the first line of defense would likely be to take the extract orally. You can take 3 capsules (or 10 to 20 drop of liquid) per day.

Grapefruit seed extract for athlete’s foot, and nail fungus as well - use it as a topical administration on the nails up to three times 

Grapefruit seed extract for nail fungus

There’s some evidence that grapefruit seed extract may help with candida of the skin.

Recent studies of eczema — which is associated with candida — found that ParaMycrodicine (which contains grapefruit seed extract) was effective against multiple strains of yeast. 

Taking oral supplements can help treat widespread candidiasis of the skin, though applying grapefruit seed extract topically may also work well. Take up to three capsules, or 10 to 20 drops of liquid concentrate, daily. You can also apply the extract directly to the affected area, using coconut oil if you have sensitive skin. 

Skin Candida
Other types of skin infections

Candida yeast is a fungus, not a bacterium. Grapefruit seed extract’s best defense against candidiasis is its antifungal properties.

That being said, the extract does have strong antimicrobial and possible antibacterial properties as well. These may help with other conditions, like topical bacterial skin Apparently, grapefruit seed extracts successfully inhibit growth against multiple conditions.