by Leora Acoca Goldberg May 24, 2020

Kukicha Tea the miracle drink

The Kukicha tea is a Japanese tea with special healing properties also known by the name of Bocha it is a blend of stems and twigs. It has a unique flavor which I hope you will like as much as I do. What makes the Kukicha tea so special is its ability to neutralize acidity in the body -a key factor for health maintenance. 

THE TWIGS AND STEMS Parts of the Matcha tea plant that are included in the blend,  ordinarily discarded from most teas.The story told by Michio Kushi is that the poor Japanese workers collected the twigs and parts of the expensive tea that were discarded during the process. They, then boiled it for 30 minutes and drank it, sooner they started feeling more energetic, their digestion improved and they no longer suffered from the mid day plunge of energy. 

George Osawa the founder of the Macrobiotic Health and Nutrition movement adopted this drink because of its health benefits. The Kukicha tea neutralizes acidic conditions and helps neutralize an acidic PH in the body. Kukicha has an alkaline effect which helps weight loss as well as improves health. The tea can be taken cold with a mixture of apple juice or cranberry juice as well as warm. The tea can be used after a meal as a digestive aid.

How to cook the Kukicha 

For each glass of water add 1 Tablespoon of Kukicha

Bring to a boil and immediately lower and cook for another 10 minutes

Strain the tea (keep the twigs in a  jar you can use it again )

Pour the tea into a glass container mixing 2/3 tea with 1/3 natural apple juice, or cranberry juice

Use a few slices of lemon or lime

And refrigerate

This drink is refreshing and gentle on the stomach.


  • Neutralize Acidic condition
  • A great substitute for coffee
  • Helps with cravings
  • Kukicha had all the benefits of green tea and its many antioxidants without containing theine.
  • It has high calcium content -a cup of Kukicha contains up to 15 times more calcium than a glass of milk.
  • Drink few times a day best after a meal to improve digestion. 
Leora Acoca Goldberg
Leora Acoca Goldberg

Former miss Israel and runner up of Miss Asia Pacific in the 80s . TV reality Survivor - second runner up 2010 I love wellness, Aesthetics and fashion - here to spread all the good stuff and Vibes

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