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The healing PH alkaline Nutritional plan 

Here is a peek at Optimalbody diet plan which is rich in greens, antioxidants, minerals and natural probiotics aiming to lower the  PH acidity  in the body. Consuming processed foods, animal proteins, diet drinks and grains alwill contribute an acidic condition (less than 7.34 the optimal range),making it more less functional and a major cause for weigt gain and more sever illnesses. 

During the first stage of this program we focus on the 3 essentials which include:

  1. Gluten-free and corn-free, GMO-free foods
  2. Remove all refined sugars  from your diet (including diet drinks)
  3. Intermittent fasting between dinner to the next day 14-16 hours.

The nutritional guidelines are mostly Plant based food, low in Carbs and processed foods similar to a keto diet but in my opinion, it is more balanced and realistic to follow. GMO foods such as soy products, wheat, corn, and grains, make your body acidic therefore hindering its ability to fight viruses and pathogens. GMO foods are bombasted with chemicals that are highly acidic this is the reason why they are being limited in this program.

On the other hand by adding the greens and plant-based foods we change our Ph balance shifting it to what it meant to be -more alkaline. This program includes flax-seed oil in a special mixture that allows optimal cellular assimilation of Omega-3 fatty acids thus increasing the oxygen uptake of your cells. This in return makes your tissues and blood Ph more alkaline.


The green connection 

Our main focus is the consumption of GREENS -all the green vegetables in season, including sprouts and seaweeds. Raw vegetables in particular Kale, broccoli, sprouts, beet tops help our body become immediately more alkaline by increasing the cells' ability to binds with oxygen. 

      The presence of oxygen in the cells makes our tissues more alkaline and therefore increases our ability to fight pathogens. 



    Eliminate these FOODs

    Corn and cornflour

    Gluten and yeast (wheat, buckwheat, oats, cuscus, etc.)

    Refined sugar

    Tomato sauce or tomatoes

    Alcohol (once a week only).

    Sausages, salami have gluten and sugar

    Soup mix have gluten and sugar

    Tomatoes paste have gluten and sugar

     All dried fruits – and nuts have gluten unless natural

    No Peanuts. Cashews

    No chips or potatoes. 

    Add these foods

    Honey raw and natural

    Olive oil

    Coconut oil

    Sauerkraut natural

    Natural soy sauce without gluten

    All greens, seasonal fruits, and veggies (this includes top green leafy vegetables, round vegetable such as cabbage) and root vegetables such as onions, daikon. yam). 


     Suggested plan for vegan

    • Breakfast /lunch 11:00am -13:00pm)

    Eat a fruit such as cranberries or pineapple -fruits are very easy to digest and are full of vitamins and micronutrients. If the first food you eat for example, is a sandwich with fats or protein this will stop immediately your detox. Remember this is not a weight loss diet only- it is a healing diet that aims to detox your body from toxins, fats, and waste products stacked in your gut. After the fast, you can consume the whole fruit or make a smoothie, or a fruit salad. The smoothie helps with digestion and elimination while keeping us feeling full for a longer time, especially when adding Moringa, Spirulina, or Hemp protein.

    If you are watching your sugar intake make sure you chose apples, pears, or cranberries -these fruits glycemic index is lower than others (such as mango). You may eat drink the smoothie at 5 pm or before lunch. Wait at least 30 minutes before eating your big meal, lets assume that you start eating around 13:00 pm 

    • Lunch -the big meal PH alkaline
    1. The main dish is your salad use a large portion of veggies with fennel, roots veggies such as radishes, daikon, carrots, onions, cucumbers without the skin and seeds, lettuce, green herbs), green onions, add avocado or tahini sauce up to 2 tbs. Add a dressing of your choice.
    2. A ball of grains (try to limit grains to 1-2 times per week)- white rice, quinoa, yam (carbs)up to one cup a day -we are limiting the carbs because they are converted to sugars and therefore, we need to measure and limit them.
    3. One portion of cooked veggies or baked- any vegetable -yam, red beets, fennel, carrots, etc. (exclude nightshade vegetables), cauliflower, broccoli, Brussel sprouts, sunflower sprouts.
    4. You may eat all three parts or chose 1-2 it depends how hungry you feel.
    5. Afternoon – Add something sweet or salty as you wish example frozen sorbet of fruits, frozen 1 cup grapes, Jell-O, baked apple
    6. Or you can enjoy My apple cider vinegar drink with 1 tbs of raw honey.
    7. One whole cauliflower with olive oil and Himalia salt in the oven with Fennel broccoli in the oven. Two slices of toasted bread with Miso tahini lemon spread and alfalfa sprouts or goat cheese 5-9% with very thinly sliced red beets olive oil and alfalfa sprouts.
    8. Miso soup -first create the broth by using carrots, celery, daikon, onion, and a piece of Kombu (2-3 inches) cook until all vegetables are soft. Add a mixture of Miso 1 tablespoon for each cup of liquid dilute it then add to the soup and cook on low flame for another 5 minutes. To serve add your greens and a twist of lemon.

    Summary -Your LUNCH is made of: Large salad+ one cup of carbs+ cooked or baked veggies

    • Dinner -smaller portion (chose one option)
    1. Salad such as green or red cabbage (once you chop it massage it with your hands for few minutes until soft) green salads. Almonds soaked up to 30 gram or Tempe sautéed in Coconut oil, If you are still hungry add baked veggies (except yam or potatoes). 

    • Vegetable salad including green cabbage, cucumber (pill off the seeds and skin because they contain lectins), Kale, broccoli, carrots, red beets, red beets green tops, red onions, fennels, herbs, sprouts, lettuce, celery tops and bottom 
    • Fish fillet grilled with lemon and olive oil with root vegetable +up to ½ cup cooked white rice. Add your green salad with garlic olive sauce and lemon. (do not cook your fish in tomato sauce) 
    • Vegetable soup makes sure the mix has no gluten. Add some bones to create a healthy broth rich with collagen, and your favorite vegetables including leeks (they are good for weight loss), daikon, carrots, cabbage, celery, etc. (Here is an exception -adding bone broth is important to build collagen for healthy bones).
    • All salad – including all the greens such as spinach, lettuce, cucumber no pill or seeds, herbs, celery, sunflower sprouts with a Mayonnaise good quality, and lemon +roasted pines up to 30 grams of walnuts or soaked almond.

        Stop eating at list 5 days a week around 18:00 -19:00 Pm and start eating the next day after 14-16 hours of fasting. You can drink water, tea or coffee.

        Remember 50% of all your meals should be raw/steamed or baked  vegetables. Aim TO INCLUDE GREEN SPROUTS  as they have plany of enzymes and probiotics. 

        You may skip at any time a meal and replace it with a smoothie such as the AVOCADO GREEN SMOOTHIE or BLUBERRIES ALMOND MILK SHAKE 


        Fo your ONE ON ONE consultation click here 


         Bonus Alkaline recipes -Jell-o

        4 glasses of apple juice no sugar added

        2 glasses of water

        Agar-agar -flakes

        Frozen cranberries, or cubes of red apple


        • In a pot simmer 4 glasses of apple juice mixed with 2 glasses of water for a few minutes (no need to boil it). Add for each glass of liquid 1 tablespoon of agar-agar flakes. (this is a clear seaweed rich in calcium which forms the jell. For 6 glasses of liquids add 5-6 spoons of agar-agar.
        • Keep stirring until the agar flakes are melted. Add the fruits to the juice
        • Pour it into glasses and Cool for few minutes before placing them in the refrigerator.
        • It takes about 1-2 hours before the Jell-O is formed.

        Serve and enjoy this light and cooling desert in the summer.


         Stirred vegetables


        1. 1 spoon Kudzu powder
        2. 2 tablespoons Soy sauce without gluten
        3. Olive oil
        4. ½ glass water


        Cut your veggies into strips or cubes

        Sautee in olive oil or toasted sesame oil

        On the side prepare the following:

        Kudzu 1 full spoon pour it into ½ glass of cold water and stir until you get an even mix.

        Add the Kudzu mix to the sautéed vegetables together, keep stirring with soy sauce (free of gluten) until you get a thicker brownish sauce.

        The Kudzu is healing for the stomach and digestion and it makes every meal and sauce thicker and delicious



        Cacao avocado smoothie 


        One banana- frozen

        1 spoon of cacao powder

        ½ avocado

        1 cup of blueberries frozen or banana

        2 large soft dates

        2-3 mint leaves


        Place all ingredients in the blender until you get a smooth texture

        Place in serving glasses and refrigerate for at least an hour.


        Salad Dijon dressing

        1 spoon of Dijon mustard

        1 spoon raw honey

        1-2 tablespoon olive oil

             lemon juice

        1 spoon apple cider vinegar (optional)


        Spicy Sesame dressing

        2-3 spoons of toasted sesame oil

        A pinch of cayenne pepper

        Soy sauce no gluten

        A twist of lime.


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        Blessings -It is time to move to action!

















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