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The Optimalbody Five Principles for weight loss are simple to follow. People who suffer from emotional eating or simply bad dietary habits can quickly bounce back with this method and see within weeks weight loss as well as a flatter stomach, more energy, glowing skin and a surge in vitality. 
The Optimalbody 5 principles deals with addiction to foods as well as dietary guide lines. The avoidance of all White refined flours and sugars heals the brain (more about this here below) thus balancing satiety and cravings for the "wrong foods". On the Optimalbody program you will not have to struggle with strong cravings and addictions for sweets, breads or highly processed foods. Within weeks your body naturaly readjust itself as you drop the pounds. 

The Optimalbody weight loss 5 principles method:

1. Avoidance of all refined flours
2. Avoidance of processed sugars 
3. Using a scale to measure your portios (initially)
4.Eating two full meals 
5. Intermittent Fasting between dinner to the next day breakfast (14-18 hours).

About flour and processed grains (avoid them)

All processed flours whether it is in the form of whol wheat grains, almond flour or white refind flours are behaving the same way - affecting our brain centers which are in charge of monitoring weight loss and the information centers regarding satiety, cravings and hunger. Certain foods such as white flour, cookies, breads and products containing gluten will affect these centers signalling them to take over our subconsious mind. Yes our willpower is being hichhiked by these addictive substances thus affecting our ability to follow consious decisions such as getting into a weight loss program.  I recently discovered that all the Gluten Free crackers at the health stores that I typically used asa substitued are as harmful as gluten breads. THE grains are still being processed and all the fibers are removed in order to grind it to a flour form. It is important to realize that the grains are going through different clearing proc esses including washing in hot and cold water, adding bleaching agents and Oxidizing agents and some other chemicals. I therfore recommend to grind your own grains if you are looking to avoid the added chemicals. In addition try to consume the whole grains whenver possible instead of a processed food. 

Regardless of the quality of the product a flour in its purest form affect quickly the brain center as well as blood sugars, therefor I do not recommand avoiding or at least minimizing its consumption.


Avoidance of processed sugars 

Processed sugars promot addiction and lost of control. Refind sugars affects the brain in such a way that it induces overeating, more craving and weight gain.

In this program we replace refind sugar with low index fruits this means that when you eat these fruits your blood sugar doesnt spiks. Fruits which are high in Fibers and low in sugars such as apples and pears are a good source of sugar. 

Learning how to eat real whole carbs is very important therfore, you daily meals include good sources of protein and carbs that have not been processed. These foods are high in fibers, antixoidants and host a variaty of good vitamins and minerals. 

In this program you not only loose weight but you also look and feel younger. The foods that you are eating affect hormones, your bank of minerals and vitamins and your ability to metabolize your food effeciently. This affect your skin, hair and vitality. 

Sugar affect your skin quality and cause enlarged pores as well as a dull skin texture. when adding flour products such as crackers, creads and cake the face tend to look puffy and with more drooping lines around the jaw and the mouse. 

 When you avoid these two groups sugar and flour you can. see easily how your face looks more defined and less puffy. When removing processed foods you also minimze your salt and sodium intake. This will improve your under eyes circles and remove puffiness. you can brows in my blog and read more about Gua Sha a simple home treatment that tighten the facial skin, minimize lines and improves blood flow to the skin. 

Measure -scale 

Do you have big eyes too? are you over eating without realizing it? 

The measuring of your food portions are done in order to teach you what is the correct amount you should it. Once you are used to measuring your food you can get more flexible as I believe your eyes and stomach shrink. quanities of what you eat do count as well as when during the day you eat them. This program will teach you effotlessly how to plan your meals a head for the entire day as well as the cporrect portions of your meals. You will find later that in addition to these good habits that you will be aquiring you will get more diciplined without sweating it. 

Keep a digital scale in your kitchen and measure - stick to the plan outlining the proper amounts so that you can see results. 


Eating two full meals 

Where you told to eat three full meals per day? 

Well our approach is different -Eat two meals a day and you will be convinced that this helps your enrgy, weight loss as well as blood test. when you skip breakfast you are actually fasting longer (since your last dinner). This fasting time helps your body recover and release toxins from the body. In our section about Intermittent fasting I will explain in details what are the benifits of prolonging your fast to 16-18 hours). 


Intermittent Fasting  

This is my favorite subject in the program because it seals the entire principals and make it so much fun and rewarding for you. Intermittent fasting combined with the Optimalbody prinicipals creats a magical affect and most importantly it helps you regain back the control over your body and your life. Intermitten fasting gives us a stracture which is very simple to follow. 

A window of TIME to eat

A window of TIME to fast 

We have 24 hours a day. Typically you will be eating during a window of 6-8 hours and fasting between a window of 16-18 hours. As a biginners you may want to start with 16/8 and as you get used to fasting try extending the fasting window to 18 hours. 


Because the megic happens when you fast 17-18 hours. it realy means that you skip breakfast and start eating around 12-1300 pm depending when was your last meal. In this article you can read more about intermittent fasting 

Benifits of intermittent fasting 

1. Weight loss

2. It can reduce insulin resistance. Lower blood sugar and insuline l;evels by 30% 

3. Reduces bad LDLcholesterol, blood Tryglycerides, inflammation markers.

4. Increase a hormone in the brain called BDNF which is know to affect rejuvination of nerve cells. 

5. tighten the waist line. 

6. Helps with bloating and flactuation 

7. Increase energy 

8. improve focus and memory. 

It typically takes several weeks before you can see all these changes however within one week your body will get adjusted to the fasting time and it willdefinalty gets so much easier for you after the first week 


More tips for succes

1. Chew your food at least 30 times- this helps digestion and assimilation of the food. You will also notice that chewing makes you more mindfull during eating. This helps not only your digestion but also the amount you will be eating. Chewing reduces drastictly the amount of food you eat during the meal. 

2. Wash your hands before each meal. In Jewdaisim it is called "Netilat Yadayim" and it purpose is to purify your hands. Then make a blessing with accordance to your religion or simply thanks god or the universe for everything that you have. This simple act makes you mindfull during the meal helping your mind-body connection and well being. 

3. Eat in a peacefull enviroment. 

4. Keep your space clean. and open your windows for fresh air. 

5. remmber to add a nice portion of green leafy vegetables to each meal.  







Leora Acoca Goldberg
Leora Acoca Goldberg

Former miss Israel and runner up of Miss Asia Pacific in the 80s . TV reality Survivor - second runner up 2010 I love wellness, Aesthetics and fashion - here to spread all the good stuff and Vibes

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