by Leora Acoca Goldberg יוני 18, 2020

Vegan Keto Sandwich 

This vegan keto sandwich is made of almond flour guten free and sugar free. It will not leave you feeling deprived, to the contrary, its dense protein and good fats will keep you happy for a few hours. 


Almond flour bread without yeast or sprouted pieces of bread -well done toasted 

2-3 pieces of roasted or fried Tempe (fermented soy) 

Miso Tahini spread (look below)

Alfalfa sprouts or sunflower sprouts -a handful



Spread the Tahini Miso on both slices 

Add the Tempe (use coconut oil to fry the Tempe until it turns light brown)

Layer the Sprouts on top of the Tempe

Cover with the second slice of bread 

The Miso Tahini spread 

Select a light brown Miso color from the Health store (Miso -not from wheat) 

Dilute 2-3 tablespoon of miso with 1/4 cup of warm water 

Add 6 Tablespoon of Tahini 

Chop 1 clove of garlic 

Add a twist of lemon 

1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar

 Cayenne pepper 

Mix and keep refrigerated.

To serve 

Cut the sandwich to Half and serve with pickles or Carrots/Daikon sticks 

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Leora Acoca Goldberg
Leora Acoca Goldberg

Former miss Israel and runner up of Miss Asia Pacific in the 80s . TV reality Survivor - second runner up 2010 I love wellness, Aesthetics and fashion - here to spread all the good stuff and Vibes

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