About Leora creator of Optimalbody method


 mission to spread Health and Wellness through education and the power of blogging. 

The concept of Vegan nutrition, non invasive Aesthetics treatments for skin care and trustworthy supplements is an evolution of my own journey. I have been a certified wellness and integrative nutrition coach for over 20 years starting my journey in Hong Kong and Japan where I studied the principles of Healing with Whole foods. My first teacher was Mitsui Kushi training me to become a Macrobiotic counselor. I then moved to study the Vegan diet in particular Dr. Ann Wigmor Detoxification and Rejuvenation Raw food nutrition.

I have also studied Physiology of Exercise in Adelphi university in New York and had several Pilates and nutrition centers in Manhattan with a private studio on east 68th street, New York, NY. Later I became a life coach which enable me to connect mind body and soul together helping more people achieve their wellness goals. I live my life by the same principals which I share with you here.

I believe in the power of holistic wellness - intermittent fasting and juicing without having to be 100% vegan. I believe that the Gut health holds the key to how we look and feel this is why I incorporated the blood type diet into my teachings.

By removing certain foods and lectins the body's immune system becomes stronger and you can overcome allergies and all kind of diseases.
Being healthy is SIMPLE - I created an  easy step by step method Optimalbody that can improve your health within within few weeks only. 

Motherhood have taught me the power of giving unconditionally -  I am a mother of three wonderful children Omer 29, Netta and Nogah my twin girls 28.

Last but certainly not least, I like to share with you The struggle I experienced with eating disorders in particular  Bulimia. For 15 years I kept my eating disorders as a. secret My journey to Overcoming these issues gave birth to Optimalbody method, a complete protocol outlining  what it takes to reach balance and happiness. . I am here to share with you and to tell you that you are not alone! 




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