Optimalbody Nutrition and wellness

The Optimalbody nutrition and wellness method is based on nature powerful healing properties. The nutritional method is basedon the principals of multiple nutrition philosophies with one commonality -they are all natural and mostly plant based nutrition.We are what we eat therefor we can heal our body by changing what we eat.

The Optimalbody method is shared in these forms:

What is Optimalbody wellness method? 

My constant search for healing my body created the Optimalbody method- It started with the discovery of plant based diet through the Macrobiotic diet and the vegan lifestyle, later it expended into mind body connection and what I call MINDFULNESS. 

Eating a healthy diet and having an exercise routine is only half way down the road- on your way to happiness. We do what we do to feel better and look great, however the mind and body are interconnected therefor, one can't survive without the other - A healthy mindset is crucial for a healthy body.

Optimalbody Method is focusing on:

  • Eating habits - Intermittent fasting, chewing well and food combining.
  • healing your gut by eliminating certain foods 
  • Adding living foods to your diet- greens and more greens.  
  • Intermittent fasting to improve the mechanics of our digestion
  • Supplements and superfoods 

 More than just vegan 

This method is more than being vegan or eating certain foods -The Optimabody is a life time journey, research and studies that helped me create a holistic program that involves all of our expressions -mind body and emotions. This path was paved during my years as a beauty queen suffering from EATING DISORDERS, and is constantly updated with accordance to my spiritual growth.  

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